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FORM Community
You are warmly welcomed to our growing community. Since the Spring of 2001, FORM has touched many students' lives including those with injuries and disabilities, high-performance athletes, professional women, college students, families with children, people in recovery from eating disorders, as well as seniors seeking range of motion and increased strength. Please let us know how we can serve you as you develop your personal FORM practice.
: : Certified Teachers

Brenda Ameli -  Northern California

Brenda Ameli, founder of The Spirit Moves, holds a Bachelor's degree in Movement Education from Dominican University of San Rafael. Brenda is a certified Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches Corporation and Realbalance Wellness Mapping 360. She is a certified Pilates instructor in all the mat and apparatus with Balanced Body University and Turning Point Studios, a Licensed FORM instructor and a certified Callanetics instructor ( Brenda specializes in non-diet weight management, Pilates for All Bodies and Moving Meditations. She also teaches Mindbody movement classes at Momentum Fitness in Concord, CA. To learn more, visit or email to Brenda at

Holly Hibbert - New York

Holly values the practice of FORM, having pursued many forms of dance training in New York. She enjoys teaching others to feel more alive in their bodies through movement. After completing her graduate studies in counseling in Seattle, Holly returned to Ithaca, NY, where she uses her gifts in dance and movement to minister and teach in various contexts.

Peggy Renfroe - Houston

Peggy Renfroe believes that God desires wholeness and health for every person and she works in spiritual formation groups and fitness classes to facilitate this truth. For the last four years Peggy has been studying spiritual formation and has enjoyed practicing spiritual disciplines. It has deepened her relationship with God and heightened her desire to encourage others in knowing God.  She currently teaches Companions in Christ, a small group spiritual formation study, works with single moms and with single teenage moms.  She also teaches water aerobics and Yoga from a Christian perspective. Peggy and her husband, Rob, a United Methodist Minister, have two grown sons.

Peggy grew up in the oilfield - born in Houston, living in Venezuela, New York, Florida, Libya and Switzerland. With a B.A. in English from University of St. Thomas, she is a certified ESL teacher and over the years has led numerous small groups: Serendipity Bible Studies, Pilgrimage Project, Parenting Adolescents, Searching for Significance, Purpose Driven Life, Prayer Group, Renew Bible Study, College Students Sunday School, and Companions in Christ. Mission trips include Jamaica, Mexico, & Guatemala.

: : Remuda Ranch Programs for Eating Disorders
Certified FORM Teachers lead classes in Arizona & Virginia

The nation's leading eating disorder treatment center, Remuda Programs for Eating Disorders, offers FORM in its intensive, inpatient treatment program for women and teens. FORM helps patients learn to relax and release the anxieties and obsessions caused by their eating disorder. "FORM teaches patients to breathe deeply and stretch, easing the body aches and pains they may have because of their eating disorder," said Amy Gerberry, director of activities. "FORM also teaches compulsive exercisers to be more moderate in their exercise routines and helps improve trust and body image through the experience of acceptance by other participants in the class and techniques that teach people to welcome God's help in life's struggles."

: : Music

Lisbeth Scott's music is always the favorite in FORM classes at Pepperdine - and, is now featured on the "FORM to live Inspired by the Beatitudes" DVD. Lisbeth's voice has been heard on literally hundreds of films. John Williams wrote a 5-minute solo specifically for her in the score for Spielberg's film "Munich". She was the featured vocalist and co-lyricist for the John Debney score to the film "The Passion of the Christ". And, she was the featured vocalist and songwriter for the Disney films "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe" and "Prince Caspian". Lisbeth has toured the world as both a solo artist and a featured vocalist for Paul Schwartz, John Debney, and Harry Gregson Williams, performing with a 100-piece symphony orchestra one night and accompanyng her own singing on piano, guitar, harmonium and dulcimer the next.

Theo B. Prince created the stunning acoustic guitar music for the "TransFORMED by Psalm 23" DVD.

: : Creative Collaboration

Emily Denis shared her artistry in creating all of the artwork and layout for the new "FORM to live" series including her calligraphy and painted logos.

Kim Francisco is the designer of the Studio Ignite logo and made possible the initial launch of FORM.

Megan Janecke Prince
is an abstract intuitive artist, seeking to integrate the physical and spiritual aspects of life as she enjoys exploring new ways of moving. "The Spirit realized in the space of life. The turgidity of the air, pregnant with the omnipresence of God. The Holy Spirit alive and well inside all of God's children who have faith in Him and trust in Him."

Kathryn Linehan
Founder of FORM

With an extensive background in whole body health and producing multimedia, Kathryn raises awareness for healthy, sustainable living.

An ACSM (American College Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and body therapist, Kathryn was transformed by Pilates over 15 years ago and became a master teacher at health clubs in the Seattle region. She founded Studio Ignite and created the practice of FORM in 2001.

Inspired by conversations with Dallas and Jane Wiillard around the topic of spiritual formation beginning in 2001, Kathryn created a practice of meditation with Scripture while enjoying movement in her Pilates studio. Jane Willard encouraged her to produce learning materials and share the practice of FORM within the Renovare community at retreat gatherings.

Also influencing the development of FORM, Kathryn served as the Managing Director of the American Repertory Dance Company and worked with prominent dancers and choreographers from 2001-03.

In January of 2006, Kathryn began teaching at Pepperdine University and the LA Times featured her class in a full page story stating, "It's Christian meditation in motion."  Over the past six years, Kathryn has served as co-director of research in two studies, looking at the physical and cognitive aspects of exercise under the direction of Priscilla MacRae, Ph.D. Professor of Sports Medicine.  Presently, she is working with Elizabeth Krumrei, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Assistant Professor of Psychology, on how FORM compares with other meditation and movement practices.

The FORM program continues to touch people's lives of all ages and abilities throughout the US. FORM is licensed to Remuda Ranch in Wickenburg, AZ, for treatment of eating disorders. The  Slow FORM Fitness studio located in Malibu serves private clients seeking strength and physical renewal. 

Throughout her life, Kathryn has sought to bring awareness of social justice issues to a wider audience. After travels to Central Asia in the early 1990's, she worked for nearly a decade to orchestrate the largest festival of youth-made movies in 2000 with broadcast on HBO and Nickelodeon. "Children of Afghanistan", was in collaboration with Rob Burke and Afghan youth. This short documentary screened at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival, heralded by the LA Times as, "as one of the most compelling stories of the festival." Kathryn has since then produced over 20 documentaries including, “Voices in Wartime” (2005).

Kathryn's prior experience in corporate finance and sales management gives her insight into working within large organizations. Her background  includes work with Mellon Bank in wealth management, business development with Well's Fargo's Commercial Bank, and sales management with Xerox.

Synergistic with her practice of FORM and background in finance and film, Kathryn is Manager of the Center for Entertainment, Media and Culture at Pepperdine University to be a catalyst in creating entertainment for the (un)common good.

Pepperdine University
FORM Meditation Movement Research
led by Priscilla Gilliam MacRae, Ph.D.

Priscilla Gilliam MacRae, Ph.D., is Professor of Sports Medicine and Director of the Motor Behavior Laboratory at Pepperdine University.  She received her M.S. from the University of Arizona, her Ph.D. from the University of Texas in Austin, and completed post-doctoral training at the University of Southern California.  She recently co-authored a book entitled Physical Dimensions of Aging (2005) and has published 38 research articles and book chapters.  She has presented at regional, national, and international meetings and received the Harriet and Charles Luckman Distinguished Teaching Award from Pepperdine University.  Her research has been funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), AARP Andrus Foundation, Jewish Homes for the Aging, California Physical Therapy Association, and Pepperdine University.  She is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and a member of the Society for Neuroscience, the Gerontological Society of America, and the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

Her research focuses on exercise effects on physiological and psychological aspects of aging.  Her current research focuses on how older adults acquire new motor skills, including changes in older adults ability to control force in a visual-motor task that involves precision and speed.  Her research populations have included older adults at many levels of function from elite marathoner runners and senior Olympians to frail nursing home residents. 

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