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Strength Training and Body Therapy with Meditation


Strong, Lean & Flexible

Strong, Lean & Flexible

Strong, Lean & Flexible

Learn how to safely increase your muscle mass:

  • Resistance-training to stabilize and protect your joints, following protocols of Dr. Doug McGuff with state of the art equipment 
  • Raise your metabolic rate
  • Body therapy for enhanced blood flow 
  • Enjoy stretching and increase range of motion with Pilates reformer, chair, and mat routines
  • In-Body machine to measure lean muscle mass and track progress as you “burn” excess body fat 

Completely private sessions  

Ocean view studio located in the heart of Malibu since 2009 - across from Nobu and Soho House 


Meditation in Motion

Strong, Lean & Flexible

Strong, Lean & Flexible

FORM® is a practice tailored to deepen your spiritual formation. We  listen and attune to your core needs to create flow and clarity:

  • Recognizing your unique state of being, we set intention and engage a multi-sensory learning style 
  • Themes may include:  

Transforming Presence

Releasing & Letting Go

Energizing & Healing


Sharing Vision


Resonating Peace


Experiences of Eternity


"It's Meditation in Motion" - LA Times


Transformed by integrating movement with meditation, Kathryn Linehan created the practice of FORM® to become more calm, centered, strong and agile. FORM has been taught in universities for over a decade and research shows that students develop a deeper sense of tranquility, empathy and compassion. 

About Us


Kat - Trainer

Carrie - Founder

Carrie - Founder

  Kathryn "Kat" Linehan is a sports medicine personal trainer/body therapist, meditation facilitator, documentary film producer and avid observer of birds in fluid formation. 

In  life and work, her guiding principles come from her great passions:  nature and cinematography. Her personal practice of meditation was  sparked by observing light below the ocean’s surface. She believes that  just as in film, “the best light is that which is taken away,” guiding  others to the peace within requires restraint and a gentle touch. In her  two decades of teaching meditation, she’s discovered that spiritual  transformation is like sensing the energy of a cresting wave and diving  straight through. 


Carrie - Founder

Carrie - Founder

Carrie - Founder

Carrie Kim  is an avid skier and all things outdoor fun. Desiring to stay active with her husband and two sons, she discovered the Super Slow regime almost 20 years ago. It was the best way to balance her busy career with family adventures. 

She loves that our Slow FORM fitness programs are safe and efficient - a workout can be done once a week for only 20 minutes.  Carrie says that this gives her the biggest bang for the buck with her limited time. She also believes that exercise is important to keep doing to maintain our active lifestyle, especially as we get older. Having consistently pursued the Slow FORM workout for the past two decades, Carrie is our walking advertisement!

Photo by Julia Holland
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