Integration of Strength Training + Body Therapy + Meditation

Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, ACSM® certified

We work with you to build strength and vitality

Are you experiencing pain today? 

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Strong, Lean & Flexible


Learn how to safely increase your muscle mass:

  • Resistance-training to stabilize and protect your joints, following protocols of Dr. Doug McGuff
  • Raise your metabolic rate
  • Body therapy for enhanced blood flow
  • In-Body machine to measure lean muscle mass and track progress as you “burn” excess body fat 
  • Increase range of motion with Pilates reformer, chair, and mat routines.

Completely private sessions  

Studio located in the heart of Malibu since 2009

Meditate in Motion


Creative Luxury

Movement, Sound, Imagination

Meditation, Rest

and Restoration — 

A fresh start.

It’s time.


Find your Flow

Free your Voice

Fuel your Fire

Feel your Bliss 


Join the Movement


Transformed by integrating movement with meditation, Kathryn created the practice of FORM® in 2001 to become more calm, centered, strong and agile. FORM has been taught in universities for over a decade and research shows that students develop a deeper sense of tranquility, empathy and compassion. 


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We are a private studio with one-on-one sessions. Scheduled appointments only, no drop-ins.

Slow FORM Malibu

22741 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 240, Malibu, CA 90265